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The Spirits MeetingHouse Church wants you to buy this 756 page E book! (See the Cover page to your left.)  It’s a real bargain at $4.95 USD + a donation of $5.00 to help the church promote tolerance among your fellow humans. We urge you to buy additional copies @ $4.95 for your family, church, university and selected friends.  Knowledge is power.  So empower others to promote tolerance by giving them books that will show that God wants them encourage tolerance toward the non-violent religion of others. It’s a good cause at a very low price - why not does it!  Read on we will show you an easy way to buy this magnificently illustrated E Book delivered to your favorite computer.  A small price to pay to help other aspiring spirits to promote tolerance among their fellow humans. 
The MeetingHouse, an internet church, promotes tolerance and respect among humans for the World's Religions. We provide Spiritual Humans and Others with the necessary background to promote respect and tolerance by acquiring better knowledge thereby to help a compassionate and loving God to bring more peace to our planet Earth now troubled by religious strife. They appear to have chosen tolerance. 31,000,000 and more North Americans are Spiritual But Not Religious in a spirit of unity with all humans who would serve their fellow man.  Such a tolerant spirit is empowering for those who want to nurture peace on Earth!
   Found below are excerpts from chapters of the EBook, a small part of the 756 page book we now offer as an accessible  EBook, which provides insight to the major World Religions and other god-loving practices.
The contents of the publications are designed For Spiritual Humans and open-minded  others To Promote Meetings Of Non-Violent Religions To Compare: Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jesus Teachings, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Why God Is A Problem, Buddhism, Prayer, Meditation , Is God A Woman? Self-Hypnosis, Humanism, Shamanism, Wicca, and Other Pathways composed to Help Each Human To Respect And Tolerate All Non-Violent World Religions To Peacefully Save the Earth.  God willing! 

The idea of tolerance is not found in the theology of most world religions.  It is promoted by Humanists, and enlightened, tolerant people of other religions and atheists.
Tolerance is to accept the existence of different points of view – the attitude of tolerating the religions of others is a good example. For example, to be tolerant is to be fair and open minded about the religious and political beliefs of others. To disagree without attempting to suppress those not in agreement. We can agree to disagree and turn away before push comes to shove, or worse.  To tolerate something is the act of putting up with an otherwise irritating or more than merely unpleasant expression of a differing viewpoint. But a peaceful society should not tolerate conditions so hostile, so harsh or so difficult that it is beyond reason to require that one bears such in silence   (shall we say to peacefully stand your ground is not to tolerate?).It is may be debatable, or subject to due process of the law  but  when one violates another  one's person, or property, by means of violence the act is an intolerable wrong. 

A LOVING God does not tolerate the use of violence in the name of any religion.  Because human beings are imperfect, a secular state may ask its citizens to defend peace by restraining violence both threatened and done among its own citizens and acts done by violent members of their own or other societies.  Violence is never a Good but until a better day it remains necessary to protect the right and power of the non-violent. 

We Invite all who are spiritual but not religious to come together and realize that each human life is intended to be a pursuit of happiness. IF you believe otherwise be at peace, then, continue on your way and do as we do, respect and tolerate the religion or lack of religion of others. 
God knows that between the extremes of beliefs life has its sorrows and its joys.   He empowered you to know that between these extremes is the golden balances - all can find that balance by doing as God intended - join with other aspiring spirits - by serving God by serving your fellow humans in peace.
Here, aspiring spirits will gather, in cyberspace so to speak.
As Jesus said:
“For wherever two or three meet together in my name, I am there among them.”       Matthew 18:19 Rev. Eng. Bible, 1989).
God is all. By and through God we meet together as gathered energy fields. We are a form of magnetic dynamic energy that has flow. . Blessed Is The Eternal God Who Commands Humans To Do Good Deeds . . . For So Doing We Love Our Neighbors. These Actions or Non-Actions Will Kindle The Light Within Us Here On Earth. One Way We Serve God Is To Encourage All Humans To Be Tolerant Of Differences Among The Religions Of Others. Because It Is A Revealed Truth That Though There Are Many Paths To God, All Humans Known There Is Only One God.
How do they know?  Understanding comes through living the way of Peace shown to us by a living God – Children come to know because They Feel in Their Hearts & Minds that which is Right and True.
Some gain the strength to know When They Chant or Say, in the name of God,



One man’s response to such a question was to say, “I don’t know.  Where are we now? 
At the “time’ Revelations was written it was a prediction of a coming End Time – which seemed ve4ry soon to the new Christians. In 2012, after about 2000 years of waiting and praying, some believed 2012t was meant as the coming of a New Time that would unfold as an Earth destroying Apocalypse.
Humans' excessive exploitation of Earth's Resources, in particular, Carbon-based fossil fuels, does threaten all humans of a kind of End Time for our cultures and civilization as we know it, here, on Earth. There is, in fact, a clear and present danger that global warming of the Earth may become irreversible in the next few years. There are still time brothers and sisters, but not much! 

Please read now, these excerpted chapters from our Codex of the MeetingHouse – the EBook. Should you find it interesting enough, you can order the EBook by clicking on the appropriate links below. We are certain you will find enlightenment in these chapters. 

Coexist, The Creed 
Understanding God is a Problem
Jesus, His Life and Teachings
Being Spiritual Using Meditation

Should your choose to order this product, you will have access to the other chapters which deal with such subjects as:

Christ inanity and  its’ Creed 
Eight Stages of Human Life
Virtues, Beatitudes, and Homilies
God is a Problem
Jesus, his Teachings and Christianity
God Is Also a Woman 
Native Spirituality
Meditation/Self Hypnosis
Mandalas, Photos 

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Rev. Dr. James R Cooper, pastor of the MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits, the internet church, is an ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., an organized network of healers who serve God by Serving Others. The focus of Rev. Cooper’s service is the MeetingHouse It is the internet church which has provided you with this opportunity to buy the 756 page Codex which provides you the various pathways of study.  We promote self-study about the World’s Religions in the hope it will increase mutual respect and tolerance among the religions.  
     Dr. Cooper is a man of varied experience. As a young man he was a merchant mariner and served in the 82nd Airborne Division. After graduating from the Wharton School and the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, he became a member of the bar of the U S Supreme Court.
Rev. Cooper served as an Urban Renewal Director, and is a Professor Emeritus of Urban Real Estate and Tax Planning. He was CEO and Chairman the radio station WKPA-AM and WYDD-FM. He lectured on American Cities’ Ordeal of Choices for Constitutional Democracy with a Conscience. Faced with a lightly regulated form of Capitalism that enables fraud and deceit among “Banksters” and the hooligans of hedge funds some of whom operated outside the jurisdiction of the federal regulators who were intentionally underfunded to investigate and indict well-known scoundrels.  They were funded by the ill-gotten gains of  nano-second traders who invest in nothing except “in- and- out”-risks. These riskers are a clear and present danger to the long-term viability of our markets. The no-ethic traders  who by their lack of moral standards continue to promote loose “street morality’ that is corrupting our society by using money to encourage regulators to look the other way while they build computer models that generate ghosty evidence that snows the legislators. Witness the molesters of choir boys and the boy messengers on the Street Our business leaders know that many millions of patriots have gone along for the ride as high-living consumers who know no tomorrow. As a nation we have not faced the hard choices necessary to restore a socially responsible government to properly regulate our market economy.  Rules like ethics must be known and enforced. The spiritually religious will not survive the rampant immorality that runs in our streets today. We should pray for ordinary men and women who will stand up for a democratic socially responsible nation that defends what is right.

In 1992, Cooper authored a book TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING-The Price of Happiness in America’s Cities. In 1995, the American Real Estate Society honored him as a Pioneer of Real Estate for his classic text book coauthored with Steve Pyhrr -REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, Strategy, Analysis, Decisions, John Wiley & Sons, for whom it was a best seller with over eleven printings.
He is the proud father of four children all of whom are successful in their own right, He has six grandchildren. He is certified as a Holistic Health Counselor and as a Hypnotherapist in Self-Hypnosis. In the year 2000 he was listed in the WHO’S WHO in America Since, 2003 he is listed in Who’s Who In the World...
As Pastor of the MeetingHouse, he joins with others in working on a web church that will encourage all humans who believe that though there may be many pathways to God there is only one God and we should respect and tolerate the non-violent religions of others. It is his hope and intention to continue an intensive campaign to broadcast this church over the world-wide webs
He does not know what he would do without those who support his. Life work. Maybe it’s time for this 86 year old man to take to the streets to protest the happy fascism that seeks to turn Americans into wage slaves. I am sure Christ would understand. The money-changers are in the temples, again. 

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The E Book provides the reader with s self-study of the way spiritual humans see: God; God as  Woman;  Zoroastrianism; Taoism; Hinduism; Judaism; the Teachings of Christ and Christianity; Islam; Buddhism; Humanism; Native Spirituality and Shamanism; Prayers; Meditation; and Self-Hypnosis. The book’s presentation of the Eco-Spasm of Global Warming and the extreme need for humans to change their civilizations to sustainable cultures makes clear that our dire circumstances are calling many humans to prayer. We have learned that though there are many paths to God, there is only one God, and God considers it an ultra-blasphemy for humans to fail to tolerate and respect the non-violent religions of others. Let us pray that sweet reason prevails.
The mystical reliance on selected MANDALAS, MANTRAS or CHANTS as an object of meditation has continued to be a part of Christianity, and the other world religions, both East and West. For example, the anonymous fourteenth-century Christian work: The Cloud of Unknowing” - gives this advice about a mantra:
"If you want to gather all your desire into one simple word representing God that your mind can easily retain, choose a short word rather than a long one …. But do choose one that is meaningful to you. Then fix it in your mind so that it will remain there come what may.... Let this word represent to you God in all his fullness and nothing less than the fullness of God. Let nothing except God hold sway in your mind and heart."
The MeetingHouse has provided a modern quantum chant: II am a part of the LIGHT, the LIGHT is within me, and The LIGHT and I are One with the Eternal God.
A German Jesuit priest, who is also a Zen master, argues in Living in the New Consciousness that Meditation using a mandala and/or a mantra can benefit the spiritual person in several ways:
   “The development of insight is a natural by-product of meditation practice-it awakens our faith as we penetrate deeper into the mystery of God beyond conventional discursive thinking. We experience a new appreciation of sacred texts through an intuitive understanding. Doubts based on textual disharmonies dissolve as the soul penetrates its own depths to encounter all-embracing existence. Our increased capacity to concentrate makes it easier to keep attentive during prayer and liturgical ceremonies. “
What is the Goal of Human Life Pursuit of Happiness? To Go on from Pain to Ecstasy? 
     Goals and Objectives is a business school metaphor for the way some people pursue happiness. They set up some kind of arbitrary point system and then try to accumulate the right number of points in the right proportion. Unfortunately, most of them find out, all too late, that life does not imitate game boards or video games. Scoring points is not happiness. Even when we accumulate all the points (toys) we think we need in our personal pursuit of: fame, fortune, and happiness, there usually seem to be a feeling that something's missing. Somehow; we haven't quite won.
Most humans try to hold onto pleasant experiences forever, but they are only transitory except at the moment of recall. Our brains try to sweep the disagreeable parts of life under the rug. Then every so often, we throw up our hands in anger and frustration, wondering aloud, "Is this all there is to life?" Good Question: Is that all there is, my friend?
Once humans realized the basic truth of the human condition, we began to see that what we thought was the answer may actually be the problem. The Enlightenment Period enabled the Reformation. Humans to see with clarity found that superstition, and fearful paranoia, the world of magic, was not all of reality. By choosing the dominance of logical analysis and the rational mind we escaped to what we thought was a better and different realm. We had discovered better science rather than alchemy so technology was on the way.
Tragically, we suppressed mysticism. We did worse, even burning at the stake those who sought to keep mysticism alive. Mysticism had to go underground, particularly in the West. Science began to produce not only great improvements in the quality of life; but also, disquieting, even threatening, products. We evolved, and then came to the present, a time when uncertainty about the future prevails.
Scientific progress is simply not enough. We have begun to explore the great potential of the human brain. We are trying another way, a way like meditation. Using chants, mantras and or mandalas helps. Humans want life to be more than a materialized reality based on technology fruit - material goods.
You, too, can meditate. We have urged one to go to the internet or a bookstore. You will find that there are many, too many, aids to learning how to meditate. However, humans find that meditation works, still, it can only be learned by self-practice.
     One must learn self-hypnosis. Go to a quiet place, sit, or lie down. To relax close your eyes. Quiet the mind, still the chatter. Learn to focus on a golden light or your favorite aura color. Focus on deep breathing and focus your mind in ways that are promoted in the Meetinghouse’s meditation texts and self-hypnosis scriptures in the E Book.  The Meditative State will come to you. You will see it with your mind’s eye.
     [For one, Rev. Cooper knows he is centered "there" when he sees nothing except a beautiful blue field of light.]  . For others it may be a golden yellow light, or, a lovely lotus flower floating. You will see what it is for you. Breathe deeply. Regularly. Your mind, using your brain is capable of unassisted meditation.
     Can science help us to achieve the Meditative State? There are powerful CD/DVDs that can assist you. Recent research on the effects of hallucinogenic such as, psilocybin, peyote, ayahuasca, DMTDMA, etc., indicate that meditative experiences may, for some, stimulate changes in serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and other hormones. The brain uses them, naturally. Science may assist us in finding pathways. But, why wait? There is much to learn.
The possibility of mystical technologies is of course unsettling. Consider the possibility that some scientist(s) finds a way to provide a blissful transcendental experience by ingesting some safe substance. [Be Fore -Warned! In the 1950s the CIA (USA) studied the potential of LSD, among others, as a brain washing agent.] Obviously, such a powerful substance could be abused by those who promote the advantages of an authoritarian Church /State – to them better than the Way of individuals seeking to maximize their personal human potential.]
[Consider that the Incas of Peru had an authoritarian top-down culture, writing was prohibited, and the collective memory was thereby controlled by the authoritarian leadership. The vast majority were drugged with daily chewing of Coca leaves. The Incas founded the first known Happy Fascism, designed to prevent the growth and maturation of the human personality. During the pre-history of Hinduism it is said that something called Soma was used by the religious to enhance mystical experiences. Soma may have been a hallucinogen from mushrooms. The Sanskrit records provide no evidence of what it may have been. It is good that Hinduism escaped the happy fascism of the Inca church/state civilization.]
Great religious leaders, those who have walked with God, like Jesus, knew, and taught, that humans have a greater potential than to merely work under the control and guidance of church/state leaders who instruct them on what to believe. Humans must practice eternal vigilance against tyranny over the minds of men and women. Still, we know that the changes wrought by science are inexorable. (Note: Although it appears that lay people could give scientists some good advice on the correct pace of introduction of disruptive social-political change as effected by science.) 

We hope the MeetingHouse has prepared the Way. As you read about God, Love, and Money we hope your mind compares how human imagination has perceived these quite different creations, objects, or beliefs.
Submitted to One and All, By Dr. James R Cooper, Pastor MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits Hendersonville, NC, 28792, 828-707-7705.
Copyright Notice,  2008, 2014 by James R. Cooper