21st Century Message - CO-EXIST !

"It Is Ultra-Blasphemous For Humans To Fail To Tolerate And Respect The Loving, Compassionate Religions Of Others & To Condone Violence Done In The Name Of Any Religion."The Heirloom Hard Cover Edition is representative of our World Wide Web ( www ) SiteFor Spiritual Humans. It seeks To Promote Meetings Of Non-Violent Religions To Compare: Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jesus Teachings, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Why God Is A Problem, Buddhism, Prayer; Meditation , Is God A Woman?Self Hypnosis; Humanism; Shamanism; Wicca, and Other Pathways. We seek To Help Each Human To Respect And Tolerate All World Religions To Peacefully Save the Earth. Hopefully, those who agree will independently cooperate to form a Blog Central for the MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits..

The Idea Of Tolerance And Respect Is Not Found In Most World Religions. Tolerance and respect for each other among the non-violent religions. It is promoted by Humanists (See that chapter ) ,also by enlightened religious people. Tolerance is to accept the existence of different views - to tolerate the religions of others. To be tolerant is to be fair and open minded about the religious and political beliefs of others. To disagree, without attempting to suppress those not in agreement.

To tolerate something is the act of putting up with an otherwise irritating or unpleasant expression of a viewpoint. But not to tolerate conditions so harsh or difficult as to violate one's person or property by means of violence.

The MeetingHouse is a church that promotes tolerance and respect among the World's Religions. We are trying to provide Spiritual Humans and Others with the necessary background to promote respect and tolerance among religions so we can help a compassionate and loving God to bring more peace to our planet Earth that is now troubled by religious strife. Better knowledge will empower you to nurture peace on Earth!

31 millions, or more, of North Americans are Spiritual but not Religious. They need a Meeting Place a Blog-Central. Will you help to build one? The MeetingHouse feels those who are faithful; with the more traditional religions will see there is a common meeting ground for our mutual beliefs about God. We respect your religion and feel you will respect ours once you learn about us.

The Climate Change Is Endangering Human Civilization As We Know It, And The Nature Of Planet.Earth, as well. There is a pressing need for cooperation to avoid death of our cultures and human civilization.

Millions of years ago, the Planet Earth experienced a large mass extinction of animal and plant life during the Permian Epoch. Obviously it was not an End Time.

You have ears to hear? You Have eyes to see? Get the Message, please!. here is a clear and present danger! Again, the Earth’s Biosphere is becoming unsafe for humans and other life. Observe that human are relatively large animals that pollute the biosphere with CO 2 by breathing;and methane by flatulence; and urine and feces as human waste products. These wastes are produced in immense quantities.

Billions of human as animals in ever growing numbers are increasing their population to a level that, in sum, is dangerous to the Planet Earth. This is because of bad habits of wasteful consumption with foolish disposal methods and our neglect of the poor as well. Reckless population growth threatens us with a revival of another Ice Age with spreading desertification of regions of our Mother Earth along with major rise in seawater levels along the coasts.

Today, the immoral and unethical behavior of humans has set in slow-motion this catastrophic- climate change- that could recreate a Permian -kind of mass extinction. Tragically, the religious leaders of the World are NOT making this a universal moral issue. They ought to be demanding that their followers change their ways and join together in appealing to world leaders for change. We have little time to reverse the horrifying trend of adverse climate change. We must respect and tolerate one another and act in concert to co-exist.

The vast majority believe in God in one way or another. This encyclopedic presentation of the Worlds’ religions is not exhaustive but the major religions are there for you. Learn and Compare The Many Ways Humans Love God.

This Work Contains Concise Compilations from scholars of the World. A 2lst century God Expects All Humans To Respect And Tolerate The Non-Violent Religions Of Others. . Please see The Table of Contents. There are some surprising things to learn.

The MeetingHouse as an internet church, will be promoting tolerance and respect amongreligions. Its web-site provides surfers on the internet with a central place for an education about all of the prominent world religions. Urge others to browse the site. It will be informative. It is more than a course of study in comparative religions. The text takes strong positions in the world debate about the quality and nature of the religions. We urge that more than 31,000,000 Spiritual Humans have learned the modern universal truths set forth below: [ Some use them as chants during exercising.]

“I am a part of the Light, the Light is within me and the Light and I are one with the Eternal God.”
I am a part of the Universe, the Universe is within me, and the Universe and I are One with the Eternal God
I am a part of the Earth and Earth is within me, and the Earth and I are one with the Mother God.
I am a part of the Water and the Water is within Me and the Water and I are One with the Mother God”

This book could help you to become a more Energized Spiritual Human. We invite all who are spiritual but not religious to come together at the MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits. Know that each human life is intended to be a pursuit of happiness. if you believe otherwise, be at peace, and continue on your way. We ask that you do as we do , respect and tolerate the religion or non-violent world view of others. God knows that life has its sorrows and its joys. But, God empowered you to know that between these is the golden balance. All can find that balance by doing as God intended - join with other aspiring spirits - by serving our fellow humans. Here, aspiring spirits will gather as they cooperate to develop sustainable communities. .

As Jesus said,
“For wherever two or three meet together in my name, I am there among them.”
Matthew 18:19 – Rev. Eng. Bible .- 1989).

God is all. By and through God we meet together as gathered energy fields. We are a formof magnetic dynamic energy that has flow.

Consider: Blessed Is The Eternal God Who Commands Humans To Do Good Deeds . . . For So Doing We Love Our Neighbors . . . These Actions Will Kindle The Light WithinUs Here On Earth. One Way We Serve God Is To Encourage All Humans To Be Tolerant Of non-violent Differences Among The Religions Of Others . . . Because It Is A Revealed Truth That Though There Are Many Paths To God, All Humans Know There Is Only One God. Go to our MeetingHouse, please witness our Creed, Homilies and Virtues. Learn about our Web Church and its Creed.

Some believe that APOCALYPSE IS COMING! Is The Year 2012, to be an End Time Or New Time? Does anyone know? It can be said that it is true, Humans' gross exploitation of Earth's Resources, in particular, the excessive use of carbon-based fossil fuels now threatens all of us with an End Time for culture and civilization as we know it on Earth.

More precisely, there is, in fact, a clear and present danger that global warming of the Earth may become irreversible in the next few years. There is still time brothers and sisters, but not much!

The need for a carbon tax that compels humans to drastically diminish expelling carbon ioxide into our bio-sphere's is long overdue. This moral mandate is of the highest order. Though it is being ignored by our world leaders and ordinary humans, they are wrong. Just you wait won’t do it.

There is little reason their polluting behavior soon. Therefore, the description of End Time that most of us are aware of is a scenatio derived from some of the Middle Eastern ancient sources that were known at the time of classical Biblical days. But, new knowledge has out -dated that phantasmagoric description. The original knowledge presented by the New Testament, Revelations has not been denied but, instead, it is amplified and elaborated as we have learned over the centuries by worldwide cross cultural influences. However, the New Testament's version has the underlying idea right. The threat of End Time is real. Yes, but.when? Some say it will occur if humans self-denial of their deplorable bad habits results in a rise in Global temperatures of six degrees, centigrade.

Humans are ignoring God's warnings. The global ecological conditions are rapidly deteriorating toward an End Time because overpopulation due to the way we use resources is threatening the Earth's carrying-capacity. Humans can expect an Eco-Spasmic cataclysm. It will not be sudden, nevertheless, there will be terror caused by humans fighting for water and energy. But, the child-like belief in the inevitability of a phantasmagoric Revelation by John is wrong because it denies God's Love and the capacity for Forgiveness. Still, humans need to read the handwriting that is there now!

If you want to understand why humans are the way they are and the nature of the End time that is unfolding, you ought to read the brilliant book by Daniel Pinchbeck 2012. It will be mind boggling. Pinchbeck is not comforting. He provides you an opportunity for a personal transformation of your world view about the global shift that is unfolding. Does it by taking a personal journey through human consciousness; hallucinations; crop circles; ancient prophecies; quantum physics; and so forth. Thereby, he weaves together the twilight realms of human imagination and the harsh realities of the accelerating  global catastrophe. It is a paradigm-rattling ride. Not an easy read. Though Pinchbeck is lucid, rational, informed, skeptical and audacious, many will try to reject Pinchbeck's saga about the resurgence of shamanism. While many humans are ravaging the planet, as they read. They are waiting for someone else to take care of the problems. But, to reject Pinchbeck as a blasphemous soul from “Purgatory” is to hide from the truth by self-denial.

(See Pinchbeck, Daniel, 2012 , The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Jeremy Tarcher /Penguin, New York, 2008.)

The publication of 2012,The Return of Quetzalcoatl could be part of a major synchronicity. This is because the Los Angeles Times (NEWS, July 28, 2008- p..19) has detailed a study by Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins University which scientifically verified that hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms have spiritual benefits.

Religious men and women, who had never taken the drug before, reported profound spiritual epiphanies while on the mushroom trips which were rated by them as among the top five most spiritually significant events of their lives. Rather than be threatened, traditional religionists ought to see such experiences as reinforcing essential religious teachings. (See Hindu/Sanskrit readings about soma.) In Griffiths report, most of the test subjects said it was an intense spiritual experience that strengthened their own religious faith. [Scientists cautioned that uncontrolled use of the mushrooms could cause terrifying hallucinations and anxiety, which Pinchbeck verifies.] For believers in a compassionate and loving Beyond, it appears that beneficial lasting results are possible? Perhaps, its use could strength their religious faith. This recent scientific proof may open the way to a sorely needed mind change by science about scientifically investigating mystical, experiences. Enactment of a world-wide carbon tax by ordinary humans could give us hope that changes are possible.

We are only human. As Alexander Pope said, years ago, “Know thy self! Presume not God to scan – for the proper study of Man is Man.”. Today we know that saying is not gender-specific. (Please see the chapter – God Is Also A Woman.)

I have constructed a CREED for the MeetingHouse non-member church. It is not dogma. (See more details under Chapter 1 Part 2 –The Creed that is within the chapter on Spiritual Humans)

In brief, it flows and resonates as follows:

The Universe Calls Upon Humans To Try To Perceive Reality Within Cosmic Wonder. Our Church follows this Mythos Calling upon Humans to do the same?

Consider the role of Mohammad the Prophet for Allah; Isaiah; Christ; Gandhi; Gautama Buddha; Lao Tzu; and all other changing energy forms. Since pre-history many men and women gifted with insight into God’s Way, have perceived that the Universe (the world that they know or knew) consists of a single primal force. Zoroaster saw it. This fact is becoming clearer to everyone in the Now.

Still, the contemplative power of many humans has not advanced enough for most to comprehend the source of this force. Nor can anyone know the goal of that one bright rimal force, or energy, or mass. Nor, are most of us ready to comprehend the nature of the Life Force that drives through the Cosmos or in it.

These superior companions who walked with God are constantly changing concentrations of energy that would not have evolved without the Force that some label as God. Thus, we discover that all concentrations of energy are gathered energy fields. Human beings, even the gods of the minds on this earth, Christ, Mohammed the Prophet, Gautama Siddhartha Buddha, Lao Tzu, and other transitory forms of the ever evolving Force are in this sense always with us. Yes, even those we have learned to love are transitional objects in this cyclical evolution of energy and mass. That was Christ’s meaning when he said, “to see me is to see Him who sent me. I have come into the world as light so that no one who has faith in me should remain in darkness . . .those who live by the truth come to the light so that it may be clearly seen that God (the Force) is in all they do.”

The Sun of our solar system is a mere stage in this ongoing development toward the fusion, implosion, explosion, and diffusion of all energy forms. It follows as the night does the day that the purpose of these changing forms and, therefore, the purpose of men and women are to serve well and properly the needs of humans with the knowledge that we are transitory forms of energy, energizing the ascending and descending progression and regression of the primal force in constant cycle.

It is for the human expression of the foregoing thought process that I have chosen to encourage others by forming a non-member internet church that will adopt this creed.

A Simple Abstract from our Creed:

Blessed Is The Eternal God Who Commands Humans To Do Good Deeds . . . For So Doing We Love Our Neighbors . . . These Actions Will Kindle The Light Within Us Here On Earth. One Way We Serve God Is To Encourage All Humans To Be Tolerant Of Non-Violent Differences Among The Religions Of Others . . . Because It Is A Revealed Truth That Though There Are Many Paths To God, All Non-Violent Humans Know There Is Only One God.

We have chosen a for profit form of organization because the IRS/USA recognition of this church as a web church requires too cumbersome forms and regulations for internet churches without members . We will service all by way of cyberspace and pay income taxes when due. Meanwhile, we have gone forward with the initial work to create the web sites for the church – The MeetnigHouse for Aspiring Spirits.

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We hope the MeetingHouse has prepared the Way. As you read about God, Love, and Money we hope your mind compares how human imagination has perceived these quitedifferent creations, objects, or beliefs.

Submitted to One and All, By Dr. James R Cooper, Pastor MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits

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