Human society seems to need God because there has never been a society without Him (or her or It). Even those societies that deliberately set out to be secular could not escape what we call God.

The United States when formed in 1789 deliberately separated religion from politics. Later, as a conqueror it did the same in the Philippines in 1902. Turkey soon after its founding, in 1928, amended their new Constitution to delete the statement that, the religion of the Turkish State is Islam making it a secular state with no religion.

Russia and China when declaring that Marxism was to be put into effect declared that the states were to be secular.

India, at the time of Independence the Constitution guaranteed freedom of conscience and religion and like the USA went as far as it could in separating the State from endorsement or support of any one religion.

In none of these countries has God disappeared. This part of the MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits compilation introduces the background to the belief in God. To the spiritual but not religious it is clear that belief is deeply embedded in the human brain and body. Belief in what we ought to believe-in is a very serious question. True, many humans never think about why they believe or how they believe. Most of them, however, do give some thought to what they believe. Although, they are often careless about the consequences of what they believe in, its effects on their selves and others are not denied. They just do it.

What is God, at the dawn of history, thinking men and women thought it was the Wind. The Wind could not be seen, nor, did we know where it came from. The wind was mighty, cold, hot and warm, it could caress you like a lover, it brought rain, and it could be terrible in a driving storm or hurricane and so forth. Others, experiencing the Sun in all its glory, with its effects on nature and life were sure they should worship the Sun and its rays.

Why did Man use his/her imagination to find something like God to take the place of these obvious targets of awe and respect, we hope it is obvious that we will not answer that question. Still, The MeetingHouse hopes that the discussion helps you to examine, or reexamine, your own belief(s) about God. We never see fear or beauty. Nevertheless, we sense (hear, see, etc.) those things that carry within themselves signals that evoke emotions. We do not see God but we do see properties of the Earth, Universe, and our immediate environs, which produce appropriate emotions. If we did not, soon we would be dead. Some of these emotions are responses of awe, wonder, worship, thankfulness, and fear.

On occasion there is a powerfully affective emotional response that is both attractive and awe-inspiring. It is a feeling that we are in the presence of something greater than ourselves. It gives many of us meaning and purpose. For most of us it is the natural sense of God. Some confuse It with Love and others feel that if they had enough Money they could and would buy it. Before we go on, please consider this paraphrase from an early Celtic Christian's words of praise to God:

I am the wind which Breathes upon the sea,
I am the wave of the ocean, I am the murmur of the billows. . .
I am the beam of the sun, I am a trout in the rapid water,
I am a marshy lake in the plain, I am words of knowledge , . . .
I am God, who created the Fire in Your Head. (Anon.)

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We hope the MeetingHouse has prepared the Way. As you read about God, Love, and Money we hope your mind compares how human imagination has perceived these quitedifferent creations, objects, or beliefs.

Submitted to One and All, By Dr. James R Cooper, Pastor MeetingHouse for Aspiring Spirits

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